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Buy bridal chamber guide

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To great majority person, buying a house can not be a comfortable thing, these philtrum also included you probably. Familiar and professional knowledge, master negotiation skill, understanding to buy house program and fare... all all these, the person that need to buy a house accomplishs know fairly well. But those who serve as layman you, however often the help that suffer from does not know to win this respect from where. Won't make you pained again now, after because became you to see what we prepare meticulously for you,buying room guide, the feeling that believes you is met different.

The first pace: Buy the preparation before the room

Buying a house is an important matter, must Shen Zhi careful, the preparation that because this is bought,good capital and mentally make before the room is very necessary. Preparative work includes a few fields commonly: Buy room end, buy room budget, buy room opportunity, estate knowledge.

One, what is the end that you buy a house?

Buy a room to have two objectives normally: Live oneself or invest. Do not know you to buy a room to attribute which kind of situations? If be the word that buys a room to live oneself, what you should consider is establishment of a sector of an area, environment, traffic, price, room area, form a complete set a variety of elements; If buy a house,be for investment only, criterion besides above besides these elements, consider house property even whether appreciate and the issue that invests redound.

2, estimation your ability that buy a house

Before you are buying a house, need formulate buys room budget in detail, according to oneself housing demand, the element such as capital actual strength and market level, him estimation buy capacity actually, be wanted finally to buy the price of the building certainly.

1, estimation household net assets: Be equal to domestic total assets (include all sorts of negotiable securities, movables and praedial) subtractive family always is in debt. The amount of domestic total assets matters to you after all to be able to assume the house that buys what class directly.

2, ability of estimation month reimbursement: Calculate the daily expenses of average month income of the family, family and the preliminary fund that are used at calamity of accident of medical treatment, safe, precaution to wait for a respect. the family average month income recoups fund of provision of daily life expenses, the fund that gets the family can be applied every months neatly, from this but ability of reimbursement of month of appraise cipher out.

3, according to place estimated what lunar reimbursement ability pushs cipher out to mortgage loan further is the biggest degree.

4, besides want paid house money beyond, you even a few otherer charge considers inside, mortgage for instance, notarial, safe charge, buy the duty fee that the room should pay, the property overhead expenses after be being entered is waited a moment.